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EzyClerk POS point of sale system that is not only Ezy to use but also simple to configure and customise for a wide range of businesses.

Unlike other software packages available for retailers, ezyclerk has been developed by retail experts. The staff at ezyclerk have over 20 years of retail and hospitality experience and have put that experience into an extensive suite of software and hardware ready for you to use in your business. This intelligent software allows you to sell both offline and online.

It's All About Ezy

EzyClerk POS makes Set Up, Selling and Inventory Control are Ezy as 1, 2, 3.


Ezy as 1,2,3

  • 1. Add desciption of product or service
  • 2. Select Reporting Department
  • 3. Enter item's price or use open price


Ezy as 1,2,3

  • 1. Press button for each item being sold
  • 2. Press Finalise button and choose Cash or Card
  • 3. Receipt can be printed automatically if you wish

Inventory Control

Ezy as 1,2,3

  • 1. Enter Purchase Order or just receive goods
  • 2. Sales automatically decrement stock
  • 3. Real time stock availabilty with stocktake options

POS key features

online or offline?

The clever design of EzyClerk POS means the system can process sales normally without an internet connection. The system updates to the cloud automatically once an internet connection is available, giving you all the benefits of an offline system along with fantastic online reporting and system management.
Now that’s intelligence - Ezy control of your POS system and access to your financial and sales data from anywhere in the world!

End of Shift/Day Reports

Enter your actual cash if you wish. At the press of a button your End of Day Reports will print to your receipt printer. View cash and other tender variances immediately. Too Ezy! There are also a host of detailed reports which are listed below.

Staff/Clerk Security

Staff Security can be turned on or off in seconds. When staff security is turned on you can choose which staff are allowed to perform higher risk functions such as discounts, voids and refunds. By simply ticking the relevant function boxes a staff member can be given access to some or all of the higher risk functions depending on your operational needs.

Discount Options

Discounts can be a given as a dollar amount or a percentage amount.

Fast service

The clear, Ezy to use sales interface allows staff to find products with speed, the large transactional window then allows them to review their entries with ease and finalise the sale rapidly. Where the customer pays by cash the change due is displayed in large numbers to reduce cash handling errors. Should the customer pay by card then they simply press the Card or Eftpos button. Receipts can be set to print automatically or turned off to print upon customer request at the press of a button. The system provides various Ezy to use functions for item and sale discounts, surcharges, voids and refunds and allows these to be limited to certain staff or provided to all staff depending on your operational requirements.

Detailed Reporting

The EzyClerk system includes a variety of reports including financial reports to assist you in preparing your BAS and Income Tax Returns as well as a great range of sales reports to assist you to manage your business.
• Report separately on cash and card/Eftpos sales
• Best Sellers
• Sales by staff
• Sales by customer
• Sales by hour
• Cost of Sales and Profit
• Stock on Hand and associated Value
• Reorder Reports
• Stocktake Variance Reporting
• Purchase Order reporting

Performance Management Dashboard

The EzyClerk Performance Management Dashboard provides a clear view of vital performance information including:
• Comparison of current sales to prior period sales
• Best Selling Products and Services
• Hourly Sales

Fast System Set Up

Products and services can be set up simply in a matter of seconds. Enter your items description, its reporting department and its price. Now that’s Ezy!

Products and services can be set up to be sold with a set price or you have the option to have open priced products and services (ie you enter the price during the sale) or you could even set up some items as fixed price and some as open priced.

Security for staff can be turned on with the tick of a box, similarly access to higher risk functions such as discounts, voids and refunds can be turned on by ticking the relevant function for each staff member.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is built into the POS system, so stock on hand is real time. Great features including:

• Full Purchase Order functions or you can just use the simple Receive Goods option
• Cost of Sales and Profit reporting
• Set Minimum and Maximum stock to keep for each item for quick Reorder Reports
• Stock Wastage
• Stock Transfers between locations
• Stocktake Functions with Variance Reporting
• Stock on Hand and associated Value


Businesses with multiple sites can manage sites quickly and easily with our MULTI SITE features:
• Each site can be managed separately or alternatively you can manage all sites centrally
• Have different prices at each site
• Purchase / Receive Stock directly into a particular site or warehouse
• View stock levels across all sites
• Transfer stock between sites
• Report on each site separately for sales and inventory
• Consolidated sales reporting across multiple sites


Enjoy the flexibility of monthly subscriptions with no lock in contract!

POS Works Online and Offline in all plans *

10 for 10

$10/ month

1 POS Register

  • 10 Products
  • 1 Employee
  • Control Employee Access
  • Web System Admin
  • Web Reporting
  • Management Dashboard
  • Secure Cloud Backup
  • Secure/SSL Data Encryption
  • Knowledgebase/Community Support
  • Email Support


$69/ month

2 POS Registers
Inventory Control

  • Unlimited Products
  • 10 Employees
  • Control Employee Access
  • Web System Admin
  • Web Reporting
  • Management Dashboard
  • Secure Cloud Backup
  • Secure/SSL Data Encryption
  • Knowledgebase/Community Support
  • Email Support
  • Dealer Phone Support***


$119/ month

3+ POS Registers **
Inventory Control and Multi Site

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Control Employee Access
  • Web System Admin
  • Web Reporting
  • Management Dashboard
  • Secure Cloud Backup
  • Secure/SSL Data Encryption
  • Knowledgebase/Community Support
  • Email Support
  • Dealer Phone Support***

* Setup and Web Reporting requires POS on be online. Once Setup is complete you can sell whilst offline without interruption.

** Additional POS are custom quoted based on your requirements. Contact ezyclerk for details.

*** EzyClerk Dealers may charge additional fees for their services. Contact your local dealer if you wish to customise your support.

About Us

EzyClerk is a Gold Coast based company. The founders of EzyClerk have worked in the Retail and Hospitality sectors for over 20 years. Based on their experience, they found that the commercially available Software was complicated to use, poorly integrated with other software as a complete package and lacked the necessary reports and information required to make those critical decisions.

Use the Contact Us now option below and one of our friendly team will be in contact to discuss your business requirements and provide you with a recommended solution for the best suite of software, hardware and installation options to meet your needs.

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